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About Us


Dude,Your jeans are too cool! I saw them in
UFC Fighter magazine. Where can I buy them???

- Adam F.

Your jeans rock and my last name is Morphy
but all my buddys call me morph. These would
be a perfect 'fit'.
- A. Morphy

i love your jeans from the minute i saw them in
an internet ad....my name is steve w. im a
30 yr old musician from toronto canada and
ive benn playing in bands and loving ufc for
my whole life!!! never have i ever been compelled
to contact a jean maker and express my love
of your gear. i havent seen your jeans in
any store but was interested in getting them...
maybe you guys would be interested in giving
me a deal on a few i will wear them on stage
and in my videos aswell i love your jeans...
thnx for even reading this if you did and keep makin sick jeans
– Steve W.
   MORPH™ is a new premium denim jeans and apparel lifestyle brand that is provoking creativity, artistry, and self-expression. Morph jeans' strength is in our innovation and creativity in designs that are industry leading and unparalleled across the premium denim jeans landscape.

MORPH Jeans is simply the most creative, unique, and badass premium denim jeans for your athletic and expressive lifestyle, period! We are singularly focused on becoming "THE" premium denim jeans brand for sports fans of both genders, as well as being the choice for expressive individuality. With our eye-catching and uniquely patented designs, there is nothing like it on the market.

MORPH™ is based on a series of innovative designs backed by three U.S. Design Patents. The designs for denim jeans allow:
• The interchangeability of the outer side seam panels and back pockets, fastened with high quality long zippers and snaps
• The freedom and display of different artistic expressions, graphical illustrations, and literary quotations on these interchangeable parts

We are extremely proud that our jeans are designed and made here in the USA. One of our goals is to do our small part to help America get back on its feet through jobs creation. We are also a cause conscious company that will pledge some of the profits to worthwhile causes that are fighting issues currently harming our generation.

We are a new company born in the age of social media, and we intend to build our brand from the ground up with grass root campaigns that will directly give back to our target demographics by way of athlete sponsorships.

So please support and join us from this noble beginning to bring something new to the denim landscape, and along the way make a difference in this world.

   About Us

About Us